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The German & Bavarian Event Management Company

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German & Bavarian Parties and Events


Originating from Leipzig, our German Caterers offer an impressive standard of excellent German & Bavarian regional cuisine, with dishes deriving from Hamburg to Munich and served as either trayed canapés or buffet-style main courses. Typically our menus would include: Brezeln with Cruditées, plus a choice of Würste, Warmer Kartoffelnsalat, Schinken, Kassler, Sauerkraut, etc, accompanied by selected German Breads and Cheeses. Examples of desserts include Sachertorte and Schwäbischen Apfelstrudel. Please note that except in unusual circumstances, we use only imported German produce and foodstuffs – even our Breads are baked from imported German flour !

Catering Services (extended)

For larger events we supply a complete range of Kitchen Equipment inclusive of Ovens, Fryers, BBQs, Hot Cupboards, Refrigerators and Trestle Tables – all as required – plus Linenware, Crockery & Cutlery – whilst not forgetting lesser items such as Coat-rails & Ashtrays ! Furthermore, we are able to supply a sophisticated range of Banqueting Furniture and, whenever required, typical German Tables & Benches


We offer an extensive range of imported German & Bavarian ‘session’ Beers ( kegged or bottled ) and Premium Lagers ( such as Spaten and Hacker Pschorr ) along with a selection of the frothy Weißbieren and genuine Pilsners. Our stock of high-quality White Riesling and Red Dornfelder wines are purchased from a reputable importer. We also offer several specialist lines such as Bier Steins (for hire or sale) and German Furniture Hire – both of which are exactly as used in the Wies’n at the Munich Oktoberfest.

Bier Steins

One of our most popular services is the supply of Bier Steins which are avalable for either sale or hire. Made in Germany from glass and with a capacity of one litre, these items are frequently considered de rigeur for any Bierfest – in fact they are exactly as used in the Bierhalle of Munich

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